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Descriptive writing about a forest! By Raees

Posted by Year 5 on February 4, 2011

As the trees stood as straight as soldiers,little beamsĀ of mooonlight shone through the gaps and on to the forest floor.A magnificent but mysterious creature stood as straight as a statue as the leaves beneath it crunched and rustled.A dark figure,with a silvery beardperched on thee tree.He shivered as he saw the beautiful Unicorn.The wet,scary and cold forest was perfect for a Unicornto kill somebody so he was even more scared.Behind the mammoth-sized trees,the creatures of the woodhid as as they were also scared of this elegant creature.The shadowy figure didn’t want to approach the beatiful creature as it may gret the wrong sense and run away or just kill him.But he wanted to get a closer lookuntil the voice inside him said it is life or death.So he stayed perched on the tree,as the beast stood as nothing was happening.Then the Unicorn breathed and the shadowy-figure could see the warm breath as it lifted into the night sky.Then the Unicorn moved back as it heard something.It was the Unicorn eater ready to kill it.So it ran as fast as it could for help…

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