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The Unknown World! By Zayd I

Posted by Year 5 on 7th April 2011

Chapter 1 As a tickle of  fear shivered down my weak spine as I trudged towards the mysterious house. The cobwebs of the house are so old because the have turned into a slight brown (even you can’t tell that,  can you?). The door was as big as a mouth made of bricks. If I [...]

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Description of a Unicorn Abigail

Posted by Year 5 on 4th February 2011

As the crystal white unicornstood in the middle of the forest, an old man appeared, who was perching on a massive tree. The old mancould hear the leaves crunchingunderneath the unicorn’s hooves. He was amazed at what he could see in front of him:the unicorn. There were beams of moonlight peeping throughthe trees. A wind [...]

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Descriptive writing about a forest! By Raees

Posted by Year 5 on 4th February 2011

As the trees stood as straight as soldiers,little beams of mooonlight shone through the gaps and on to the forest floor.A magnificent but mysterious creature stood as straight as a statue as the leaves beneath it crunched and rustled.A dark figure,with a silvery beardperched on thee tree.He shivered as he saw the beautiful Unicorn.The wet,scary and [...]

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