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The knight with three heads by Jameel

Posted by Year 5 on 23rd February 2011

“Wakwe up wake up !” demanded the King.Sir Arthur fell out of  bed,and landed at the king’s feet.Sir Arthur yeld out “Not a nother quest!” The King started to laghf and said “yes a nother quest”.So Sir Arthur got changed and got changed into his best knigdt outfitwhich had his best sword in:curius killer.The king told [...]

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The build up and the opener of the three headed man.(by Phoebe)

Posted by Year 5 on 8th February 2011

“Get Sir ladder here  immediately!”  said the king Many years back befor king Auther was in history there was a king called king bottelbop he was a very eivil man.He lived in a country called Pandora, of all the kings in history.He was a very bossey  man he expeted you to do everthing like clean his [...]

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Interesting Sentence Openers

Posted by Miss Dackombe on 19th October 2010

Using Interesting Openers on PhotoPeach

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